Before your new moon intentions

Before your new moon intentions

There’s all this talk about new intentions on the new moon. I see a lot of resources on ‘planting seeds’ and starting fresh on the new moon.

While this is true…you don’t want to plant any seeds until you’ve cleaned all the debris out and fertilized the soil.

What do I mean by that? 

Well, we have to do the energetic release of all the toxic energetic patterns in our lives that we felt since the last full moon. This is like cleaning your manifestational garden of all the dead leaves and trash.

The ‘fertilizing’ is taking time to go inward, rejuvenate and reflect on what you’d really like to call in as a new pattern.

So, here’s what the energetics of the new moon could look like according to Vedic wisdom:

  • “Waning moon” = full moon to new moon; start turning inward, do less, less energy out and less movement. Feel what isn’t serving you in patterns (e.g. feeling victimized in relationship dynamics) – it’s not about other people or specifics (e.g. NOT my partner treating me badly).
  • New moon = dark moon; fire ceremony to release and transform. (Click for my quick and easy fire ceremony article)
  • After the 3 nights of the new moon = waxing moon; set new intentions, put out words and actions into the world, go outward

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