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All of our courses are lifetime access, because we want you to keep coming back and applying what you have learned. Also, you won’t find mile-long sales pages here; click on the course title to find clearly laid out: learning objectives, curriculum overviews, and pricing.

“Meet Ayurveda” Intro Course

You won’t find ayurveda described like this anywhere! This is revolutionary. I present ayurveda as a system for personal empowerment, and healing simultaneously. We break free from the marketing-driven “type-yourself-live-this-way” approach to discover ayurveda as an awareness. It’s an awareness of energetics which we apply dynamically to any decision, from what to eat to whom to spend time with. I’ll walk you through the basics, and you’ll get a start to understanding your own constitution, current state, signs of imbalance, and life energetics.  Six weeks. Five Video Modules, easy-to-reference charts & self assessment forms. $360 USD. REGISTRATION REOPENS SEPT 2018.  Click to learn more. 

Resolving Internal Conflict

This is the one emotional wellness tool that benefits everyone! And, it’s my gift to you. Simply click here to access the full course free of charge.

Rituals for Beauty Course

There’s a lot out there on natural beauty, but oftentimes the topic gets reduced to recipes for facial masks and other tips focused on only the physical tissues. While ayurveda offers hundreds of tips for natural beauty, this course is a compilation is of my favorite rituals to feel beautful, both inside and out.RSVP below, and you’ll be the first to know when registration opens.



Food, Eating & Ayurveda Course

Once we can learn to ’speak the language’ of our digestive system we can understand what it’s telling us and make the adjustments that help us avoid an imbalance. This means we can make better choices about what our bodies should be taking in on any given day. We go over how to read your own body’s cues on digestive capacity, and signs of imbalance. I present charts for self-assessment and reference, and an overview of diet approaches for different imbalances. And yes, there is a food chart too. However, our clear emphasis is on teaching you how to feel what your body needs. RSVP below, and you’ll be the first to know when registration opens.



Moon Rituals & Women’s Cycles

Understand the connection of your hormonal cycles, and your emotions with the phases of the moon. We’ll go over basic lifestyle practices, reproductive tissue supportive practices, foods and essential oils as a part of the ritual strengthening of our circadian, and monthly rhythms governed by the moon. RSVP below, and you’ll be the first to know when registration opens.



Calming Anxiety

Everyone in modern urban living experiences anxiety. It’s the byproduct of our fast-paced, multi-tasking, overstimulated minds. In this course, I cover the basics of how anxiety comes about from a modern medicine, and ayurvedic perspective. I then dive deeper into practices from ayurveda to help alleviate anxiety. RSVP below, and you’ll be the first to know when registration opens.



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