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Our journey into Ayurveda together

My goal is that you are educated, skilled with the appropriate tools, and feeling at ease in functioning as your own health advocate. This desire to empower my clients and put their healing back in their own hands (and hearts), is what sets my practice apart. In fact, I don’t know of anyone else that can offer medical insight, ayurvedic education, and psychospiritual support all together. You’re going to transform.

We’ll take this journey in a rhythmic, supportive way. Over the course, you will:

  • learn the practice of ayurveda
  • learn your own health patterns and how the various aspects of your life (relationships, career, routine, diet, etc) are playing into them
  • experience the healing properties of various ayurvedic tools and practices (herbs, foods, yoga, etc.), and learn when to use them
  • develop an individualized program of lifestyle change for your physical, mental and spiritual health
  • learn how to integrate ayurvedic approaches with your current health care

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As a direct result of employing the principles of Ayurveda to their lives, clients make a profound and positive impact on the quality of their lives within months. Irrespective of their individual health concerns, all my clients report:

  • Successfully using natural herbal formulas to address health challenges
  • Knowing what to eat when
  • Ability to adjust their cooking according to the needs of their families
  • Significant reduction in stress, and overwhelm
  • Reduced symptoms from chronic conditions (e.g. anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, skin conditions, migraines, allergies, hypertension, arthritis)
  • Improved immunity, and reduced frequency of illness
  • Less need for Western medical treatment
  • Weaning off of long-term prescription medications
  • Improved quality of sleep, that comes easily and naturally
  • Healthier, stronger bones, nails, and hair
  • Glowing skin and natural herbal skin care regimens
  • Greater connection with their hormonal rhythms, and how to handle them
  • Gracefully moving through significant health transitions
  • Improved time management, and circadian rhythms
  • More peaceful relationships with loved ones
  • Having a clear decision-making framework
  • The ability to apply this awareness to the way they care for their loved ones

Roadmap of our work together

1 I get to know you, and do some assessment practices in our Intake Appointment.

In our next meeting approximately two weeks later, the Report of Findings Appointment, I’ll go over everything I picked up across systems, and we’ll build clarity on how we will approach your journey and why. You’ll receive your first homework assignment.

2 We’ll continue with 60min Follow Up Appointments, every 2 weeks. I’m pretty strict about the rhythm in this beginning phase, so we build and maintain momentum.

During the first few months of our work together, our sessions will consist of a lot of education, onboarding tools, and lifestyle change.

You’ll continue to have homework in between sessions, and what the homework is will just depend on what we are addressing, or emphasizing. It’s a completely individualized approach, and your homework could be anything from herbal formulas, to charting, to expressing unsaid feelings, to mindmapping.

You’ll begin shifting bodily functions significantly, and learn how to assess your bodily patterns.

3 After a few months, we space out appointments for 3-6 week intervals, depending on your needs. The more you are actively applying tools, the more space I give you. Here, we can bring in the 30 and 90 minute Follow Up Appointment options to customize our engagement.

At this point, there is a bit less education on ayurveda, and we’re working a deeper level of consistency, learning how to modify tools, and choose them on your own.

We dive deeper into emotional wellness techniques, internal conflicts, and life purpose.

We may also be simultaneously addressing deeper issues in the body.

My ideal clients

I attract clients who are seeking to make significant changes in their experience of their health, and their lives. We are going to understand your patterns, and rewire new ones.

Although ayurveda can be incredibly helpful on an acute basis, this is not my focus. My clients are seeking long-term sustainable change, and I offer the education, tools, and support to accomplish that. You are going to build a new awareness of how your life, your emotions, and your health are all interconnected.

My clients learn how to make decisions that are best for them, in any scenario, at any time. It’s powerful.

It’s a well known law of physics that it takes work to create change. You’re not alone, and I’ll support you.

This is an intimate relationship. If I’m not the best fit for your needs, we’ll do our best to refer you to a practitioner who may be a better match.

Private Sessions

My appointment hours are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 7:30am- 2:30pm PDT (10:30-5:30 EDT).  All sessions are held over the phone, except Intake appointments, which are held in a private online meeting room.

Intake Appointment

120 minutes | online video

In this 2 hour appointment, I get to know you on as many levels as possible. I review intake paperwork, medical records, and we discuss all aspects of life playing into your health. We will touch on long term physical and emotional patterns, your facial lines, tongue, and review current medications and supplements.

After this initial consultation, I will spend an hour analyzing your chart, and create a plan.

Report of Findings Appointment

60 minutes | phone

During our second session, I present my assessment of your constitution, current state, and an individualized wellness plan. You will receive your first “homework” assignment, and likely begin herbal supplements.

Follow-Up Sessions

We check in with where you are at, and what you need to feel good in the present. We’ll review your homework, I’ll teach you relevant  progress and makes adjustments to your program and “homework.” We check in with where you are energetically, and support you in real time with insights and tools.

Unless otherwise requested, sessions are 60 minute phone calls, every 2 weeks.

60 minutes | 2x/month for active clients
30 minutes | 4x/month for maintenance clients only


Month 1 | $699

2 hr Intake Session

1 hr chart analysis

1 hr Report of Findings Session

Ask Siva online sessions.

Subsequent Months| $598

2 60 minute Follow Up Sessions per month

Ask Siva online sessions

10% discount on all herbal products

Make an appointment

We operate our scheduling on Wellness Living Software. By clicking the links below, you will be directed to our business login page. There you will create, or login, to your own personal profile, from which you may view upcoming availability and schedule accordingly.

Book your complimentary phone call (15 min)Book your intake appointmentVisit our New Client orientation page
Should you feel more comfortable calling or emailing, we are happy to book your appointment for you. You can best reach us at members @ (no spaces) or 888.711.0131.

Other Offerings

Professional Guidance Sessions

30 minutes | $158 professionals $108 students| phone

This appointment is for those looking into pursuing a professional path, or further studies, in Ayurveda. We’ll talk about your nature and dharma and life situation to get clarity on the best direction for your journey.

Book a Professional Guidance Session

Ask Siva Sessions

$47/month |  Live Online Bi-Monthly Sessions

Ask Siva is about access to support, community and tools. You have access to Siva beyond the 2 hours a month in session to support your lifestyle transformation. Ask Siva membership is included for all private clients. 

  • email in questions anytime and have them answered during Ask Siva
  • ask questions live during Ask Siva
  • login whenever to search the wide array of topics
  • receive video replays/ key takeaways/ audio downloads via email

Ayurveda By Siva is not a medical facility, or a licensed health care provider. Although Dr. Mohan has a medical degree from Cornell University, she is not practicing Western medicine and does not maintain a license to practice medicine.

Prices & Services are subject to change. Please use this webpage as the most updated service menu.

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