Back to Rhythm: Vata Season Begins

It’s back-to-school time. Most of the mom’s out there are thanking the universe for rhythm (and a break from the kids). The summer is so fun, and the way we have structured it in modern society, the most vata! “Wait a minute,” you may be wondering, “isn’t it pitta season?” Yes, it is. Vata season is coming up (fall/winter). So what do I mean? Well, summer time is the time in our society when we vacation (travel=vata), fall out of our normal routine the rest of the year (irregular routine=vata), and lack structure in general (no form=vata).

This is why we associate summertime with the vata-buzz of excitement. Each day is a new adventure. I can wake up when I want, do what I want, and am free to travel (or at least this is the experience until we leave school). But this is not just a practice in our society, summertime is this way for most cultures. Why? Well, it’s actually the most balanced time to have all that vata come in. The heat of the summer helps to protect against vata imbalance (although most of us are feeling it by now). Spending time in the water, and with family/community is also is balancing for vata and pitta, which is why these are part of our summer festivities.

As we come into vata season, it’s balancing to reinforce rhythm and routine. So, school schedules are actually very balancing, and oftentimes determine the rhythm for the whole family. Three cheers for back-to-school!

Similarly, this is the time to really plug back into your personal routine, especially am/pm rituals and spiritual practices. We are about to “fall back” with the time change. Take advantage of that to get back to early am rise and early bedtime (most of us have slipped into later sleep/wake cycles in the summer). The more you can find consistency in your daily rhythm, and self-discipline, the more vata balancing you are accomplishing.  (You can do it.)

Just in case you are feeling imbalanced (or wondering how you know), here are some of the signs of vata imbalance,

Here are my top 10 tips to balance vata this season.

And since back-to-school usually means back-to-viruses, here’s a link to reducing vata at the start of a cold.

Happy re-establishing circadian rhythms, Siva

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