Increasing Kapha through friendship

Many of us are fighting the feeling of inertia these days. The best thing for kapha balancing is to overcome stagnation in any way you feel it.

Try something new!

Spice up your romance (or just your diet)!

Jump! Dance! Move!

As I mentioned in another post, during this time of fertile creation, we begin to consider which seeds in our lives we wish to plant. Many times, I get so caught up in considering which seeds I wish to plant for my family and my career, that I forget the importance of nourishing the plants that are my friendships. Now that the holiday social obligation season has passed, thing about which friendships are important to nurture just for the sake of friendship. In these days of non-nuclear families and moving frequently, our friends play the role of our family often. My sister recently reminded me of the importance of “dating” our friends…and I pass that reminder on to you all.

This is the season of establishing stability–the loyalty and love of friendship provides a wonderful foundation for this.

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