Never enough time for all I want to do!

It’s like that Erykah Badu song, “It’s ti-ime to save the world; but where in the world is all the time?”

I’m that person who walks around her house mentally to-do-listing all that needs to be done, or could be improved.

I’m trying to see more of what’s amazing that’s already in place. I’m thankful for the sanctuary vibe and beauty that surrounds me. But it’s my nature to always feel like there is so much to do, and so I create this experience in my home, my work, my motherhood.

Of course, this means there’s never enough time to do all I want to do.

Single mom
business expansion

No, that’s not a weak spoken word piece. It’s all of what I choose to donate time and energy to. And, self care, self care, self care.

I often get asked how it is that I manage to do all I do. My answer used to be that I’m pitta predominant. But the truth is that was me stressed out, getting everything done at my own expense.

F that. (forget that, 😉

I started deeply craving a slower pace, more time for me, more spaciousness.

And it’s happened (and happening)! It was a slow and steady journey with a lot of facets.In this video, I share insights on:

How time is related to your health

3 powerful approaches I use to slow my internal clock:

1. Practice actually slowing down. Some people need to get away from the places they are productive in to do this. That’s great. Nature is perfect for stepping out of the constraints of the external clock. I’ll tell you how I started teaching myself to “downshift gears.”

2. Prioritizing based on what feels best next. Bringing the feelings into the equation helps to filter what happens when.

3. Valuing ease over other factors, like money, or being right. I talk about how ease and the internal clock are related.

Making the time,

2 Responses to Never enough time for all I want to do!

  1. This is exactly what I needed. THANK YOU! I know exactly how it feels – physically – when I push myself, but I just.don’t.stop. And my brain goes to take a rest and I FORCE it back to work. My brain accepts this, but my body doesn’t. I get burnt out.
    Your 3 points are really on point, ha!
    I also realized that my hardest challenge was finding my own personal way of finding ease. For example, when people think “what can I do to take care of myself?” their minds go to mainstream ideas such as pedicures, massages, watching 10 episodes of a series – but those don’t work for me at all! However, being silly and carefree absolutely does. I am trying to getting used to how to create that ease through carefree moments, and getting used to how that feels, like you said 🙂

  2. Just wanted to say; I love you Siva.
    Thank you for the space you provided in Long Beach when l first met you a few years ago. You and your guidance have been the facilitators in my life ever since… for that I thank you I honor you and I bless you.

    May the Feminine Goddess in you continue to grow and empower yourself and whom ever you reach out & touch.

    In Munay


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