Pitta-Kapha Imbalance

Summer craziness coming to a close…back to school means back to a schedule. I’m thankful! Hopefuly you all are also revisiting your schedules and planning a rhythm for the end of the year (imagine a bass drum sound of heartbeat here)…

At this point in the summer, many of us have run a bit on the pitta side for several weeks and may now be feeling some secondary kaphic signs in our bodies and lives. A primary pitta imbalance (and for most of us combined with some vata imbalance from summer travel), encouraging a secondary kaphic imbalance (“pitta pushing kapha”) may look like:

  • waking up between midnight and 3am and feeling tired when waking in the morning
  • being easily irritated, but keeping it to yourself
  • yeast yeast yeast
  • swollen inflamed joints
  • sinusitis
  • acne (especially along areas of sweat)
  • a coated tongue with red margins and white in center/posterior tongue
  • to do lists accumulating

As Dr. Lad would say, “What to do? What to do? (in Indian accent)” Well, personally, I load on the bitter herbs (guduchi, musta, neem) this time of year. I have to check my time in the hot sun and overworking tendencies. Diet wise, I favor light food that is well spiced (with non-spicey spices like coriander, cumin, etc.). Kitchardi cleanses are great now, as are green foods (which are mostly bitter in taste anyways).  Basically, focus on pitta reduction but less through sweet than through bitter in your life. I’m neti-ing a good deal this time of year, and forcing myself to move (but moderating the intensity). Oh, and of course, triphala to keep it all flowing in the right direction…

What do you do to keep your P–>K imbalance in check? Feel free to share!

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