Pitta imbalance

The first two lines of my original draft of this article were:

“Remember, pitta imbalance means more pitta in your life than your being is fond of=excess pitta energy. Below are signs you may have too much pitta coming into your life:”

Overly direct for intro lines, focused entirely on the point of the words and not their feel, and written with an impatience conveyed in the use of a symbol (because is more efficient than using the whole word)–my writing revealed my own pitta imbalance.

The energy of the pitta dosha, according to Ayurveda, embodies qualities similar to fire. For any of us with a dominant amount of pitta in our constitution, researching decisions and operating in a way that maximizes efficiency and logistics are natural; we love reading consumer reviews. We want to know why, and spend a lot of time examining the why because we believe that it helps us find solutions or fine tune our approach in the future. We are the pattern-finders of the universe.

The sharp quality of fire can also mean that we can be short, blunt, and a bit insensitive when our fires are flared. In particular, pitta excess often manifests as an intolerance–especially to ignorance, hypocrisy, injustice, and people not doing anything to solve their problems (and still complaining about them). Other mental, physical, and/or spiritual signs of pitta imbalance that I often see this time of year include the following:


  • irritable
  • intense
  • overanalyzing
  • more critical, especially of self
  • impatient
  • short-tempered
  • focus on problems and areas of improvement instead of appreciating what is good
  • overworking “burning the candle at both ends”
  • to-do list mania


  • feeling hot
  • flushed face, ears, chest
  • increased appetite
  • loose stools and more frequent bowel movements (See Poop Reading 101)
  • yellow/green coat on tongue
  • mouth sores
  • inflammatory muscles and joints
  • headaches (usually behind the eyes and may have light sensitivity)
  • rash or skin irritation
  • gout
  • this list could go on much further but the above are the most common manifestations in my experience


  • Pervading dissatisfaction (nothing is good enough)

How do you bring pitta back into balance? Well, it’s about decreasing intensity, activity, and heat in all areas of your life–diet, work, relationships, exercise, or routine—while increasing cooling, calming, stillness, sweetness, and appreciation/joy in every way possible. Try these five suggestions in a consistent approach over two weeks to feel yourself cool off


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