Siva’s 2 Day Cleanse

I put off writing this article for a long time. I finally had to tap into that resistance and explore it, instead of ignoring it. I believe it’s tied to the natural resistance we all have to this process. So let’s talk about that first. This is supposed to be a mini-home-PK-ish (PK=panchakarma) nurturing of self and digestive tract. That sounds so nice, so why the trepidation? Well, 4 reasons for reticence:

  1. It means having to slow down and not be connected to anything other than your self, and that is unusual for many of us.
  2. There are a lot of instructions and you’ve likely never done anything like it.
  3. This is a cleansing process as well and detoxification can sometimes be emotionally and physically uncomfortable.
  4. You have to put something up your butt.

So your first step is to read this perhaps, and learn more. Then schedule the 2 days in your calendar. There is so much to write about on this topic, so I’ll try to keep this discussion organized and succinct. Feel free to add your comments and questions below. We all love to hear about each other’s experiences (and chuckle together). This page is intended for my clients and I don’t recommend anyone take on ayurvedic cleansing techniques without someone who is qualified guiding them.


  • ORGANIC CASTOR OIL While castor seeds oil has many medicinal qualities and indications, in this process we are taking advantage of the purgative, intestinal detoxifying, and vata reducing properties.
  • BASTI Warm oil enemas bring qualities that balance vata (warm, unctuous, heavy) to the house of vata (the lower colon). For this reason, bastis are a wonderful tool to use whenever vata is high and there is not much ama. We have reduced ama already in the preparatory efforts for this cleanse (digestive tea and triphala and diet changes). Bastis are wonderful prevention when you know you are coming into a high vata situation (e.g. putting your pet to sleep, travel, moving, big transitions, etc.).
  • LIQUID NOURISHMENT All of the active processes in digestion (gall bladder pumping to peristalsis) are stimulated by chewing. By maintaining a liquid diet, we reduce the activation of digestion and encourage the bowels to passively receive the oil and release toxins.


  • pregnancy
  • long term constipation
  • history of bowel obstruction
  • active infection in abdominal organs
  • hemorrhoids can get irritated by the tube of the enema kit, so best to wait until they resolve


It’s important to prepare the digestive system for this cleanse.  The several weeks of digestive tea and triphala and diet changes we’ve made already are the prep-work for this process: build healthy digestive fire, remove as much excess vata, pitta and/or kapha from the tract, increase awareness of how the digestive system is communicating with us.


Click here for a printable version

Day 1

  • on waking, 2 tablespoons organic castor oil (chase with juice if needed)
  • liquid nourishment all day
  • 1c warm organic olive oil enema at bedtime

Day 2

  • on waking, 3 tablespoons organic castor oil (chase with juice if needed)
  • liquid nourishment all day
  • 1c warm organic olive oil enema at bedtime

Day 3

  • You may leak oil in your underwear, so a bit of tissue  in your briefs or pantyliners are a good idea
  • Eat lightly as your digestive fire (agni) may be low after the cleanse; use your spiceballs and spice your food. Kitchardi is a great idea anytime during this cleanse.
  • It’s not uncommon to not have a bowel movement the day after the cleanse. Usually regular bowel movements resume on Day 4.
  • You may have heavier sleep and find it tougher to get up and moving.


  • plan ahead for liquid nourishment all day (don’t starve!)
  • relax and receive and not much movement or activity
  • note all digestive and emotional findings including day afterward (Day 3)


  • Set up your space first. You want to have a good first experience with basti, so nice ambiance is really important: music, cushions, candles, etc. I like to make a nest with a comfy blanket and towels on top.
  • Check the temperature of the oil to make sure it’s not too hot. You can dip your finger in the oil and want it to feel nice and warm (body temp). The oil will cool quickly, so have your space set up before you heat the oil.
  • Plan where you will hang or set your enema bucket ahead of time. Some people like to hang it before lying down and others just reach up and set it on the counter while lying down. This is a gravitational system, so the higher up you have the bucket, the faster the oil will flow.
  • Lay on your left side in fetal position.
  • Before inserting the enema tube tip, relax your anal sphincter  by gentle pressing a finger on the sphincter and taking deep breaths.
  • After inserting the enema tube tip, relax the abdomen with several deep breaths. If the abdomen is tense, it becomes difficult for the oil to go in. So if your oil is not moving, you just need to relax your abdominal and perineal muscles.
  • Allow the olive oil to soak in as long as comfortable, or until you have the urge to evacuate.


Everybody has a unique response to this cleanse. Some people have alleviated so much in the prep-work time preceding the cleanse, that they find it just relaxing and don’t notice much else. Others have a lot of deep emotions come up and also a bit of physical discomfort. How you respond to this process is another communication from your being and digestive tract. We’ll discuss this in your visits, but a few general patterns:

  • If “dark smelly stuff “is how you would describe your poop, that’s ama (toxic fermented waste) coming out (hooray!).
  • Lighter, floating feces indicates ama-free intestines.
  • Cramping only happens if there is vata lodged in the intestines. The more cramping you experience, the more vata you had to move out of the tract.
  • Hot-feeling poop (like after you eat really spicy food) is a sign of pitta being released from the tract.
  • Mucous in the poop is kapha being released from the tract.
  • How much oil your body retains is a sign of how much it needed the moisture. (Many people find that more oil stays in on Day 2).

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