Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Stop Being So Hard on Yourself

Do you beat yourself up about your short-comings?

Apparently, I love to remind myself of how much I have not yet accomplished. 

I must like to obsessively plan about how I’m going to do better, because it’s happening often.

There’s always some reach for “better” for me. And I now love that about myself. It means my life will always be an adventure, and that I’ll keep reaching for “better” versions of me.

But, as I reach for those more connected, more content versions of me, I don’t want to be hard on myself for where I am at.

I want to love where I am at, and be gently evolving at the same time.

Well, that may be a bunch of idealistic BS.

I don’t know that I’ve ever really evolved without the pain part. Maybe one day I’ll be stress free, but maybe that’s not possible?

What I can do is modify the duration, intensity and the frequency of the pain-stress. This, I’ve got tools for. I’ve accomplished it in real life, and I’m seeing others do the same.

There are infinite tools out there (hopefully my articles, videos, courses have given you some), and they’re all good.

But, you don’t need more tools.

You just need to feel good now about where you are at now (and be thankful you have clarity on what you want moving forward).

Take the pauses now. Spend quality time with yourself now. Do the loving things for yourself now. Go to nature now. Ask for support now. Don’t put off the things that make you feel good now.

And, watch my video now. lol.

How I approach not being too damn hard on myself (while I’m evolving):


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  1. Omg your side kick made me laugh so much! Thank you, I needed that!
    And thank you for all this pitta reducing info! That’s exactly what I’m going through!

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