Warrior of Peace

So you want “the best” in life? You want to have this experience of life be of “the highest” vibration?

I do. Maybe you do too…but how?

Well, “the best” and “the highest” are by definition the most rare and the most difficult to attain. So, no matter what the answer to “how?” is, it’s going to involve work.

Let’s take a moment here to appreciate how intimidating these words can be. We can have compassion for all the times we talk ourselves out of what we know is best for ourselves because we don’t want to do the work. (I forgive myself here…:))

After all, to attain “best” or “highest” means moving from where I am (the betterment process), and that movement = applying energy in a direction = work =practiced discipline.

We are fighting the natural force of entropy (disarray, a.k.a. vata) to establish and maintain a rhythm. Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm so we have a stable foundation = sense of security = a faith from which we can surf the waves of life with more balance.

Who wrestles the untamable degenerative force of wind/vata? You do; with your disciplined practice = routine.

So for all of you whom aren’t yet annoyed with my inserting equal signs yet, the work of betterment is accomplished through routine. What you do routinely, or what the rhythm of your life is made of doesn’t matter as much as the fact that there is a rhythm. I cannot think of one suggested road to greater balance/health/happiness that isn’t based in some kind of practiced discipline.

So, why “warrior” of peace (as opposed to lover of peace)? Well, because this means facing a challenge knowing that it is never-ending; that it will not be easy; and that you will only succeed if you keep your focus on how you benefit from  it–all akin to the discipline of a warrior.

“The ‘battle’ is not really against the self, but against the entropy that brings disorder to consciousness.” (From Flow: the psychology of optimal experience)

To battle entropy, establish practiced discipline, or routine, in your life. That routine will bring more kapha energy into your life, and diminish vata. This means more contentment, stability, and being less affected by stress= peace.

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