Are Your Fears Blocking Your Wishes?

Sometimes I feel too afraid to wish; sometimes too afraid to say my deepest desires out loud.

What is that about?

My dear friend just booked herself on a 2 week Mediterranean cruise with days notice. Of course, my first thoughts went to how I’d be a bit upset if I were her husband, who will have to arrange or take care of two toddlers while working.

She didn’t see it that way.

She didn’t allow herself to feel anything but fully aligned with what she knew in her core was right for her in that moment;

not fear of the money she’d spend, 
not fear of how her kids will handle 2 weeks without mom,
not fear of how her husband would respond,
not fear of anyone else judging her for such a bold move. 


But the bold move wasn’t booking the cruise or leaving town. It was being fully committed to nourishing herself with whatever her spirit called out for so that she can be the best version of herself. This time it happened to be a spiritually based cruise that will allow her the space to gain clarity on some foundational direction shifts in her life, and to raise her vibration. Next time, that may be a digestive cleanse.

It’s not about what you do to meet your needs; It’s about your experience while meeting your needs.

{Tweet, tweet, tweet-a-littly-tweet…}

My pitta-predominant self immediately compared her experience to my own. (This is what is so great about having friends that are living their spiritual path–we help each other expand into our best.)

Dang-it! I could see so clearly how I was shrouded in fear. 

I’ve had Morocco on my vision board for a few years. I always envisioned getting married there on the coast. Two of my dearest friends are leading a yoga and food retreat there. The signs are clear: in my heartspace, it’s a solid yes to Morocco, yes to sharing the experience with my loved ones, and yes to yoga and food!

It’s like the opportunity is standing before me, arms outstretched for a hug. And I’m just peeking at it like a two-year old behind his mother’s leg, not sure if I feel safe enough to embrace it. I realize how I’ve been raised with a base perspective of caution, which is really fear.  I tell my inner child,

Don’t ever apologize for seeking, or being in, your joy. When you are in your greatest joy, you will emanate it to all around you; and that is the greatest thing you can do for anyone.

So, I’m stepping fully into my journey to Morocco. I’m running and jumping into that Universal hug. {woohoo!!}

And guess what? that reduces internal conflict, which means I’m balancing deep-seated vata imbalance in the process-bonus!

I’m marking my calendar, paying my deposit, and getting my bellydance on.  How are you jumping into your joy? I’d love to hear your experience (and have you feel how good it is to proclaim it) in a Comment below!





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