Do You Need To Be Rescued?

Sometimes I feel like I just want to be rescued….like a fairy god mother (I’d also be thrilled with a hot prince) is going to come in my life

to nurture me

to give me exactly the support I need, in every way that I need it

to handle all the things that need to be handled so that I can rest more

to magically make everything okay

[insert sound of a record being scratched]

So what is my ‘fire-breathing dragon?”

It’s me. 

I want to be rescued from myself and the way I make decisions, because it’s my decision making that has led me to where I am. I want to be rescued form my mind: the way I process and respond to life. This mind that is the big troll in the queendom of my being, blocking the heart from a happy and effective reign.

Anyone that wants to be rescued is in a state of depletion. A place where deep down they can’t rely on themselves to make decisions that prioritize well being in a consistent way.

So, if we want to cultivate our own “happy ever after,” we may have to rescue ourselves.


The fairy god mother is your inner voice, your intuition. Listen to her.

And even more simply, prioritize your wellbeing in the most harmonious way you can with the rest of your life (loved ones and responsibilities).

This is not an easy rescue mission, but we can start with the first steps.


What are 3 ways you are going to prioritize your wellness this week? [Reply in the comments below with your 3! It’s a powerful practice to state and share intention.]

Hopefully these are ways that stretch you, and that you are a bit nervous about because it means you are changing (in a good way).

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