Course Learning Guarantee

We offer a Lifetime Conditional Guarantee on all of our online courses. We do not offer refunds. To request consideration for the Guarantee, clients are required to complete the course, participate in the online groups (if applicable), and submit completed worksheets.

My team and I want to make sure you get this, and will support you until you do!

Simply press the Mail Icon in the footer below to email us with any questions or requests.

2 Responses to Course Learning Guarantee

  1. hi Siva, I do not understand how the online course works. will you send emails? is it cia skype? pls can you explain i am not very IT oriented at all but I am really interested in learning more about Ayurveda.
    thank you Natalia

    • Hi Natalia!

      You don’t need to be techy – I’m not!

      There’s a simple link we send out to a private website.
      All the course material is in the website and you’ll have your own login.

      Each Monday, we send out an email, and release that weeks content.

      Everyone can interact and comment and ask questions within the course website.

      That’s it!

      The live Q&A group calls will be in a private video meeting room that we will also send you the link for. We’re scheduling these after finding out the best times from the group. All of these video sessions will be recorded and available to you.

      So, all you need to be able to do is open an email, and go to a website, and log in! We really tried to keep this easy as possible.

      Let us know if you have any questions – we definitely want you to get the bonus offer that ends today.


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