Reclaiming Simple

“I remember the women gathering their forces in the hallowed communal events for the villagers. The only medicine they used were castor oil, rubbing oils for bodily pains, neem, black sage for brushing teeth, herbal cough syrup, clove oil, red lavender oil, and several homemade ointments. Poultices, plaster, rubs, and compresses were the general treatment and application for a host of conditions. Life was simple. We have the power to make it simple again by reclaiming the commonsensical way of the native people, many of whom had no formal education but excelled in the sweet ways and magical vocabulary of the Inner Medicine healing.” –Maya Tiwari, excerpted from Women’s Power to Heal

What are the natural health tools of your family or cultural heritage? Try them out, reclaim them, or modify them for modern urban life.

Every way we reclaim simple and natural in our healing supports the Earth, and our empowerment in using our tools.

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