Accepting what you asked for

Deshant: having the knowledge of the four directions; bringer of peace
Deshant. I wasn’t too fond of the name when I first heard it. We had sent of for our new son’s vedic janam patri-an astrological map drawn relative to your location and time of birth. This birth chart allows for interpretation of which planetary energies have what type of effect on you, and so much more. One of the reasons a person’s birth chart is consulted is to reveal sounds that are energetically favorable—and these can be used to find the best name for the him/her.  So here we were, a few days after “baby brother’s” arrival still pondering his name.

His father had the same reaction; we looked up other sanskrit D names to no avail. Nothing seemed to feel quite right. We even thought to get a “second opinion” on the read of the birth chart. Then we realized, we were making this about us—what names we were fond of. Yet, this was supposed to be about our son and what was best for him.

Here we had asked the universe to reveal his name through his birth chart, but we didn’t want to accept the answer.

I never expected the number of lessons I have learned from my children, from the experience of being a mother; How naïve I was to think that I would be the one to teach them life lessons!

So here my son teaches me his first lesson—if you ask the universe for something, be prepared to receive it.

And, he gently reminds me of perhaps the toughest lesson my daughter had already revealed: sometimes what is best for our kids is not to our liking.

The good thing is that tastes change, and our perspectives can be shifted. Only a week later, I’ve fallen in love with his name. Maybe it just took some getting used to; maybe it’s because I love him.

Thank you all for your warm wishes and joining our family in welcoming Deshant!

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