New Year’s resolutions

As my family celebrates the festival of lights, I’m reminded of Thomas Ashley Ferrand’s beautiful explanation of how sound, not light is the vehicle of manifestation. This morning, we toasted to our goals for the year and I could feel the power of voicing–or giving voice to–our intentions. Yes, this is what practicing mantra is; but is also what a conversation with a friend could be.

Do my words reflect my thoughts and intentions?           Do my actions uphold my word?

As we wrap up the year, this is a good time to reflect on the harmony of your intentions, words and actions. Are they all playing the same tune?

At the Leadershift conference this weekend, a speaker noted, ” They say ‘put your money where your mouth is’; How about, ‘put your LIFE where your mouth is.”–I loved that.

What are your intentions for our next revolution around the sun?

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