Vata-Kapha Season

When vata energy combines with kapha, there can be an explosion of creativity! On the flipside, many of us may also be feeling the crash after several weeks of doing too much during the business of vata season.

A few of my friends have commented on how they have needed to just cancel plans, call in sick, and just stay in bed because of feeling overwhelmed. Sound familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Vata-Kapha season can also be a time where runny noses meet sinus congestion, and emotions can cycle quickly. Crying, and melancholy and feeling sluggish can come into the picture, especially during these heavy kapha rains.

Grounding vata while not aggravating kapha is the key to balance this time of year. My recipe:

  • maintain as much routine as possible
  • eat warm spiced foods; keep the amount of dairy to a minimum
  • do 2 sun salutations in the morning, and everytime I start to feel slow
  • a cup of warm tea in the afternoon

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