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I’ve curated a collection of the best tools I’ve come across to support healthy ayurvedic lifestyle. We have herbal support blends I’ve formulated over the years, along with products I love from other companies. We always choose organic, and source local, and fair-trade as much as possible. If you are using these tools with regularity, you’ll feel the difference, and connect with them more (at which point, you may want to consider Membership). You can learn more about many of these tools in our Article Library.

Below is our entire collection. Enter the following search terms to see our tools for each of these categories: daily self care, digestive support, skincare, oils, herbal formulas, and women’s wellness.

Daily self care is an essential component of healthy lifestyle.

There are overt physical benefits of self care practices, and Ayurveda also honors the emotional benefits of ritual, showing up consistently, and prioritizing your wellness.

Digestion is the foundation of our physical health.

As digestive ailments are all closely related to emotional stress, it’s an important system to regularly support, cleanse, and nurture.

Oiling is an act of self love.

Oils are a powerful way to deliver the benefits of herbs into the body. Oils and ghees can be alchemized, and infused with herbs to target specific tissue systems and situations, such as acne, or joints. All ghees originate from breast milk, and are thus unparalleled in their ability to rejuvenate and nurture all of our tissues.

Everything that goes on my skin is edible.

Your skin is digesting whatever is on it’s surface, delivering it to your bloodstream, and metabolizing it in your liver. Even natural and organic skincare products have binders, fillers, and preservatives.

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