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Sunday, November 5, 2017 at Wanderlust, Hollywood



Dive into Vedic Wisdom with three incredible teachers! This half day immersion into yoga, ayurveda, vedic astrology at the gorgeous Wanderlust Hollywood Studio will leave you feeling expanded and inspired. Sponsored by Veda Spices, so there will definitely be layers of deliciousness. Limited registration opens September 20.


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Siva Mohan on Ayurveda

With an MD (focus in psychiatry) and a Masters in Public Health, Siva brings a unique and integrative approach to ayurveda. This combined with her personal and professional studies in Vedic thought have nurtured her niche: expanding ayurveda with psychospiritual healing. Siva uses ayurveda to help her clients build an awareness of energetics, and a system for decision making based on what is best for YOU at any given moment in ANY situation.. Siva emphasizes how ayurveda can be a system of personal empowerment in both physical and emotional wellbeing AND spiritual growth.

Souvik Dutta on Astrology

Souvik was initiated into the spiritual life of Vedic sciences at the age of 8. He has deeply studied and practiced Yoga from Paramhamsa Yogananda’s college in Kolkata, India from the age of 4. Guru of Ancient Indian Astrology Classes, teacher of ancient Indian philosophies, jyotish and sanatan dharma. He has learned jyotish (Vedic astrology) from three different teachers from distinct lineages – Tantra, Vedic and Naadi. Souvik is the founder of an on-line school, Ancient Indian Astrology Classes (AIAC), though which he teaches a 7-Level extensive certification course in Jyotish. He conducts seminars in Jyotish and Hindu philosophy in various universities, schools and yoga studios across the US.

Mariko Harikawa on Yoga

Mariko believes that as human beings we’re all after the same thing: living our highest expression. She is committed to guiding her clients to this. Ayurvedic Practitioner trained through the B.A.M.S. Degree Program in India. Yoga instructor with 23 years of teaching experience. Innovator of Ayurvedic Flow Yoga. Speaker, trainer and author of the forthcoming book, The Yoga-Ayurveda Book of Anti-Aging Secrets. Mariko says, “Yoga is far more than a workout. It’s nothing short of an inner revolution. It’s a profound perspective that allows you to be your most vibrant, effective, authentic self.”



Held at the beautiful Wanderlust Hollywood –  the hot spot in LA to practice, learn, and gather. Wanderlust’s center, like their transformational festivals, brings together experts, techniques, and recipes for living that guide your journey toward a mindful and inspired life — to finding your true north. Whether you’re a yogi, a meditator, an artist, a foodie, an entrepreneur, a writer, or looking for inspiration — Wanderlust Hollywood is a place that feels like home.

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