Intro to Ayurveda Class

SATURDAYS March 4, 11 & 18 from 10:00am-12:00pm

$201 for all 3 classes


How do I apply this ayurveda thing to my life anyway?

When I first discovered ayurveda, it seemed so abstract. I remembered thinking, “Great, so here are the 5 elements and that has nothing to do with anything in my life. Can’t you just tell me how to cure my [insert ailment of your choice]?”

Ayurveda, in many of the introductory resources, seems like a type-yourself-then-live-by-these-rules sort of practice. This is almost exactly the opposite of what practicing ayurveda is. For myself, and hundreds of my clients, it’s an individualized awareness that we have built, which guides our day-to-day decision making. Decisions on what to eat, whom to spend time with, when to wake up, what kind of music or exercise, or anything that is a choice about what kind of energy is coming into my life that day.

If you are curious about how ayurveda could be applied in your life, come join me in a small group setting for an interactive introduction to ayurveda.

Location: Private Residence in Long Beach

Age group: 15 and up

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(space is limited so we can maintain an intimate setting)

Curriculum: Ayurveda is the holistic healing system yoga originates from. Join Dr. Mohan to learn the basics of this ancient healing approach and how it compares to Western Medicine. By the end of this interactive class, you will have insight into your constitution, your areas of imbalance, and how to begin addressing your health (mental and physical) with ayurveda.

Class 1: Ayurveda basics
-Define ayurveda and give anthropological background
-Basic Vedic philosophy 1: Everything is energy
-Lifestyle and habits determine health
-5 elements and 3 doshas: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha
-Examples of doshas in body, mind, and universe

Class 2: Using ayurveda to learn about yourself
-Basic Vedic philosophy 2: Individuality
-Constitution: determining your type
-Vikruti: where you are now
-Patterns of health

Class 3: Finding balance with ayurveda
-What is imbalance?
-Signs of imbalance: Vata, Pitta, Kapha
-Causes of Disease
-Focus on the qualities to know doshas

Reserve your space and begin your ayurvedic journey!


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