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Getting started

Once you’ve booked an Intake Appointment

1 Download these Intake Forms and complete them prior to our Intake Appointment.

It’s also a great idea to book your next several appointments to ensure our bi weekly rhythm.

2 Make sure you are receiving emails from members @ ayurvedabysiva.com in your main inbox. Email is our main form of communication.

In fact, once you book your Intake Appointment, we’re already sending you a few helpful emails to get you familiar and comfortable.

3 If you are new to ayurveda, we highly recommend taking our online intro course, Meet Ayurveda. It will give you the basics, and even help you understand your Report of Findings more deeply.

You’ll learn so much here that will allow us to spend less time in appointments teaching you basics, and more delving into your specific well-being goals.

Phone, & Video Appointments

For our first Intake Appointment, we’ll meet in a private video meeting room online (in Zoom). This allows us to see each other and have 2 hours for me to get to know you.

For all other phone appointments, I call you. If you haven’t heard from me, you can always call me at the office number 1888 -711-0131.

This is because I’m likely in session before and after your appointment, and it’s less disruptive. I prioritize feeling complete in a teaching or healing moment, and it’s not uncommon for me to be a few minutes late because of this approach. I’ll usually email you if I’m running over schedule.

If I’m abroad or working during travel, I may call from a restricted or private line.

Phone works really well because during our session, you’ll want to take notes. I’ll punctuate lessons and patterns and assign homework, and have found this works best when you are in a quiet and private place (yes, that means not driving). Have your notebook ready, and we’ll both be present, and not multitasking.


Your Account

All clients have an online account with our Wellness Living Software. You can login, and handle most of your interaction with us in minutes (and on a mobile-friendly platform)! Among many functions, you may:

  • view, schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments online
  • view invoices, payment history, and make payments online
  • order herbal formulas and ayurvedic products
  • RSVP for upcoming workshops and events (and use client discount codes)
  • Earn rewards for each transaction!
  • Add Ask Siva sessions to your calendar

log in to YOUR ONLINE account

herbal formulas


You can check out our Online Herbacy with Ayurvedic goodies I’ve created, or fallen in love with. I encourage you to learn about the tools we use, and many of our tools have helpful articles to further acquaint you with them.

Because herbal blends are most effective with consistent use, and because most of our formulas focus on rejuvenation, which takes time to accomplish, we use formulas for longer periods of time.

In general, two weeks of consistent use of an herbal formula will offer an opportunity to begin to see how it is affecting you. Of course, if you notice any undesirable effects on a new formula, please stop taking it and contact us.

Allergic reactions to the herbs we carry are very rare, but anything is possible. If you are feeling like you may be having an allergic reaction, please seek medical attention immediately.

Placing an order

You are welcome to place an order in our online Herbacy on your own at anytime. However, we’re here to help set up auto-order or answer any questions. Just email us!

We add shipping costs separately afterward. Shipping cost is calculated by weight and location and ranges between $10-18 on average.

Additionally, all clients can enroll in auto-order, which you can learn more about below. I’m going to recommend you take most formulas for several months, and having the auto-order means you don’t have to place an order every month and that you are likely to be more consistent.

Specialty formulas are not in our online Herbacy because they are custom crafted.

If you are in need of expedited shipping, we can send the order Express Mail. Please email us to request this service.

If you are having trouble remembering the name of a formula you were taking, you can look it up on your account activity, or email us.

Herbacy Membership (auto-order)

You receive your herbal formulas in the mail, on schedule, and we pay for the shipping!

Adjust at any time. If you want to change your formula, your product mix, or your frequency (standard is monthly, but we can customize), just email us.

Cancel at any time, by emailing us. We just need to know at least 5 days before your scheduled ship date to ensure we haven’t already sent your order.

Order tracking

We ship with USPS Priority Mail so that ensure prompt delivery, especially outside of CA, and so we can track orders.

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an automated “Order Completion” email letting you know your order has been fulfilled. If you have not received your package 3-5 days from that email, please email us so we can track it.  Also, please insure that your mailing address in current in your profile prior to placing orders.  We are not responsible for lost deliveries, however, we will be happy to duplicate your order at your request and cost.  Shipping will be our gift.

Orders are shipped Monday-Friday, and usually fulfilled within three days of the order.


Changing an appointment

We ask for 24 hrs notice for appointment cancellations to ensure that we can offer that time slot to others. Our scheduling software will send you an automated reminder, which is another reason to ensure you receive these emails in your main inbox. You can cancel your appointment online, by phone, or by email, and if you do so 24 hours beforehand, there is no fee. Appointments cancelled within the 24 hour window will be charged a $60 Late Cancellation Fee. No-show appointments will be charged the price of the appointment.

Credit card on file

We require a credit or debit card on file in your secure online account. Unless otherwise instructed, we will use this card to charge all appointment and herbal order fees.

You can update, or change the card on file by logging in to your account, or you can email us to help you do so.

When cards are declined, we place the balance due on your account and notify you. Directions on how to make a payment on an account balance are in the email receipt for the charges. Of course, we are happy to help you do this for you as well. We’ll cancel appointments and herbal orders on accounts that are more than 30 days past due.

Ask Siva Sessions

Ask me questions between sessions, connect with others learning this lifestyle, and plug in for seasonal wisdom. Twice a month, I offer a live Q&A Session for clients only. If you can’t make it live, you can email in questions. We send out replays and audio downloads. As a client, you have automatic access to our private website where I host all the replays (with questions, key takeaways, and resource links), so you can browse at your own convenience. Membership is a part of my private client process.


Traditional HMOs and PPOs do not cover Ayurvedic coaching. If you have a reimbursement account, you are welcome to print your invoices from your online purchase history to submit for reimbursement.

Legal Disclaimer

Ayurveda By Siva is not a medical facility, or a licensed health care provider. Please view our full disclaimer here for more detail.

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