We’re Hiring!

At Ayurveda by Siva, Siva is looking for a long-term (like 2-3 year) assistant as her right hand for client relations and admin.

-Start date: July 1, with training to begin June 15

-Our ideal candidate: self-directed, good communicator (good written English), good customer service, team player, cares about yoga/ayurveda and conscious living.

-7-10 hours per week. Pay commensurate with experience.

-Job can be done remotely.


-Responsibilities include-
Client relations:
-billing help–WELLNESS LIVING
-email correspondence
-a human point of contact to help with any questions, concerns or guidance

-help to book workshops/ manage calendar
-Event promotion online
-Event registration & details to guests
-Event attendance (optional)

-Crafting weekly newsletters: Repurpose content, pick featured images
-Social Media posting to FB & IG – crafting reposts, article features, photos, and overall artistic and inspirational presence
-Fill in monthly editorial calendar to mark out posts and events that need to be promoted

-Website edits (mainly to Event pages) and page creation–WORDPRESS
-WELLNESS LIVING: CRM software for scheduling and herbacy orders


-Think you’re a good fit? Please let us know by emailing Jamie at consultations@svasthahealth.com

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