5 Minutes to Clarity

If you do not change direction,
you may end up
where you are heading.
~ Lao Tzu 

I had to read that a few times.
Where am I heading? Where are you heading?

And I don’t mean “What’s your 5 year plan?”  We can change all the details of our lives and still be in the same feeling place in 5 years, or 20.

So, this can’t be about a job or a partner or a locale. It has to be about what I want to feel. This is how we set direction.

My coach tells me to “start from the desired endpoint, and work backwards” to extrapolate my steps for now. And it’s the same in our desired life experience.

Setting direction and knowing where we want to be is CLARITY. 

I’m clear that I’m heading towards more ease, more love, more connection, more play, and I’m achieving it because I’m so clear that this is the current directive from my inner wisdom. Tomorrow, next year, that may change.

So, it’s a good idea to have a simple, repeatable approach to getting that CLARITY as often as we need, right?

That’s why I put together this powerful exercise. Pull out a place to take notes and walk through the steps below.

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1. Get in the Driver’s Seat

Imagine my hands on the curves where your neck meets your shoulders.

Deep breath in. Feel the weight of my palms press into your muscles, and feel your muscles yielding.

Deep exhale, relax your shoulders,  and pause with empty lungs. Feel still.

Inhale in comfort, and trust. Send the breath all the way up into my palms.

Exhale, as the the jaw muscles release the lower jaw. The lips are allowed to part, and you release the tension from between your eyes.

Read this sentence and then close your eyes and take three deep breaths in this space of gentle release. (Yes, you do have the time and this is important.) Exhale, audibly sighing.

You feeling good is important. Now let’s get some directions to your state of “feel good.”

2. Direction

The emotional body is always providing direction, like an internal GPS. When we don’t consider the emotional impact of choices, we’re missing out on valuable guidance from our inner selves.

How do you want to feel?  Just list the first 1-3 words that come to you.

3. Road Blocks

Identify areas in life that feel the opposite of how you want to feel from Step 2.  No judgement here, just note what doesn’t match. These are the areas you need to move away from.  You are not solving, yet. This is just an exercise to become aware of what areas are preventing your experiencing your desired feeling state.

4. Supports

Identify the areas in life that are the best fit for you now, in other words, match how you want to feel in Step 2. These are the areas you need to move towards. That means you spend more time, or make more priority, or choose more frequently these aspects. If you can’t think of any, that’s your starting place, and it’s okay.

5. Draw your own map.

Use these feelings as your decision making filter moving forward:  Does this choice, expression, action line up with my feeling how I want? Is it heading me in that direction?

Every time we choose in a way that moves us away from our desired feelings, we are our own ‘road blocks.’  This is part of the human experience, and our opportunity to grow. Even being aware of how you may derail your own path is clarity.

Journal any realizations. What are your words of wisdom to yourself after considering these questions?

Listening to that internal GPS, Siva

PS – Sharing, writing, saying your intention or ‘aha!’ moment helps to take it a step further!

6 Responses to 5 Minutes to Clarity

  1. Hi Siva,

    I couldn’t find the 5-min clarity worksheet. Could you direct me towards the correct page/ sheet?

    Thank you. Your words connect with my inner being in precisely the way I needed.

    • Hi there, Aw, thanks. Hearing how you feel inspires me to keep writing.
      It’s a PDF download link in the article. Just click the underlined/linked text where it says:

      “Or, Click to download 

         5 min to Clarity Worksheet

       to do this later.” 

      I’ve just emailed it to you as well. 🙂 With love, Siva

  2. Thank you so much for all You share!! There is so much love and value in the information/experiences you share!
    I appreciate you!

  3. Hi, I appreciate you sharing this at this time of year. I also couldn’t find the worksheet. Clicking on the link did not take me to a PDF. Can you help?

    • Hi Jen, thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated the link again, and also emailed you the worksheet. 🙂 Thanks for reading my stuff.

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