Everything Happens for a Reason

Do you believe that? I mean, really?

I do. It’s taken a few years of practicing that mantra and digging into the unexpected blessings in situations to say that without hesitation.

Once you begin the practice of seeing the benefits, or the “silver lining”, it is oftentimes present with the awareness of all the not-so-great aspects of the situation. My path with this practice looks something like this:

ME: complaining; needing to vent; wanting to process with friends urgently
FRIEND: it's not that bad; how you feel is understandable; here are the good sides
        (lessons) to the situation
ME: Okay, but this still sucks.

after some time…

ME: needing to vent; wanting to process with friends immediately
FRIEND: how you feel is understandable; here are the good sides (lessons)
ME: Yeah, thanks for helping me see that.

more time…

ME: vent internally or in my journal; begin processing on my own; no rush to process
    but still wanting to; I see the lessons on my own
FRIEND: Yeah, I can understand how you feel, and it's so great that you can see the
        good sides

more time…

ME: recognize the urge to vent as a signal to process on my own; no perceived need to process
    with anyone else; FEELING relieved to learn the lessons and thankful for them.
FRIEND: you seem at peace :)

more time…

ME: Thank you universe for showing me more clearly the direction I am to head in now.
Every experience in every situation is a signpost.


Once you reach this place of gratitude for every experience, you’ve really accepted life as a divine teacher. Your feelings become guides to decisions, instead of byproducts of situations.¬† Here is where faith blossoms, and doubt fades. Because of the gratitude, and listening to the guidance of your feelings¬† (becoming congruent), AND the growing awareness of the signs in the universe, this is where you become an unstoppable creator of your own reality. The surrender and trust is the prerequisite for building the shakti to manifest the experience you want in this lifetime. Here’s a mantra/affirmation to get you started (one that I’ve used for years):

My life is divinely guided and I am always heading in the right direction.

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