Fire Ceremony

I personally find fire ceremony to be surprisingly helpful in releasing the old and welcoming in the new, and several of my clients have reported powerful effects as well. Fire is a transformative force and pitta energy embodies this. Fire transforms the wood and air into light and heat energy and smoke. Similarly, we offer into the fire a symbol of what we’d like to transform, and receive the products of the transformation (light, warmth, smoke) as a symbol of what we are looking to change into. It’s a ritual to represent the transformation on a subtle energetic level in our physical world.

The best time to release is during the new moon, when we are emotionally in a releasing phase (lunar phases are connected to our limbic system which governs our primal emotional responses). This doesn’t have to be elaborate, it’s just for you and can be tailored to what fits your life and need the best.

Here’s a simple version:

-On a small piece of paper, write down all the words that you feel about the experience you are about to release. Include the good, the bad, the ugly, the unsaid, the repeated over and over…all of it.

-Offer the paper into a fire, or set it on fire in a firesafe receptacle (e.g. ceramic bowl). As you do so, think or say “I offer up this [insert your topic] experience for transformation.”

-Take a few deep breaths and get really present with the ritual that is taking place, and the death of the experience your are releasing. Crying would be appropriate here, so just allow what feelings are there to come up and honor them.

-As the paper burns, wave the smoke towards your body as a gesture of receiving the transformed, or new. Think of this as receiving the gifts or lessons of that experience.

-Thank the transformative force of the universe (pitta) for aiding you in your change process.

-Journaling afterwards or sharing the experience with a loved one is wonderful as well.

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