I see the gray hairs coming in, the wrinkles. I feel the stiffness in the morning, and the worry. I notice how my facial (and jaw, and neck, and low back…) muscles hold tension.

I’m wiser, and more intuitive. I’m more emotionally attuned and well than I’ve ever been. I feel on my path (finally), I share my gifts, I feel connected to the divinity in all of it. I laugh often.

I’m different than I was, and will continue to differ in myself for as long as I choose to.

You cannot stop or control the degenerative process of the body.

But we can all continue to feel more robust and supple in our hearts and minds every year that goes by (and this is done through building awareness, congruency, operating with integrity, showing up for yourself, and prioritizing your internal harmony etc. etc.)

We’ve got to accept aging. And, in order to really “feel” good about it, we’ve got to change how we show up for ourselves. We’ve got to support ourselves in any way possible more and more with each year that passes, until we only do what feels amazing.

That’s how I want to say goodbye to this world.

Recently I got a big screen for my phone and computer, and a ball chair (highly recommend these things) to support my changing body. The benefit I felt was so obvious that I really had to ask myself why I had waited so long to give myself these supports.

The answer was that I was in denial of who I am today, and thus wasn’t meeting my needs. I was meeting the needs of my 20-something-self with my big cushy office chair and super light, tiny laptop.

This opened a whole new corridor in my mind: Am I really in touch with who I am today? How can I better honor, or support, my ‘today-me?’

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