Seeking Deeper Healing

Have you ever had anyone adjust your internal organs?

(I mean during a therapeutic massage, not with surgical procedures.) I didn’t even know this was possible.

I just had a woman bring up my prolapsed bladder, removed adhesions from my colon, release tension in the hip ligaments, clear congestion from inflammation in my upper GI, and I wasn’t even fully aware I had these issues.I went to her to recenter my womb. What I was reminded, was that all that stuff in there is interconnected, and in constant relation to each other.

Most doctors don’t palpate the abdomen routinely, massage therapists avoid it, and frankly, it’s an intimate experience to have someone caressing your internal organs from your tummy. We hide from being in touch with our deepest emotions like we do our deepest organs.

I didn’t know how to massage and support my organs. I wonder, of the millions of doctors on this planet, how many can adjust their own organs and diagnose with noninvasive touch?

How powerful would it be if you could understand what your body was telling you? Imagine knowing how to massage yourself to support the integrity and function of your organs?

This is what I’ve been absolutely fascinated by lately. So, I took the first step by seeing an amazing Mesoamerican Traditional Medicine (MTM) “womb whisperer.”

My whole family has bulging disc, lower body muscle tension, and sciatica issues. Rather than write it off as “genetic,” I’d rather get to the psychospiritual roots of the physical issues.

I’ve utilized chiropractors, doctors, meds, yoga, PT, massage, and acupuncture all to varying degrees of success in the past. Yet, the issues continue to surface, and I’m starting to identify patterns.

This time around, I want a more complete healing experience. I want to learn how to pre-empt the flares, attend to the emotional needs, and heal my familial patterns.

Honor your ancestors by picking up some tools that deepen your healing of hereditary health issues, and pass that wisdom on to the younger generations. Ayurveda, MTM, and all holistic systems have so many tools for you.

The right tools will come, as soon as you set the intention,

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