Creating Space

Today I resolve to teach my children that space is one of the elements they need to thrive, just like food.

It’s amazing how in our attempt to strain spirituality out of education, we somehow also filtered out emotions.

(WTF? and how did this go down? was this with the fall of matriarchy? if anyone knows of more resources on this, please share. )

In addition to sunlight, and oxygen, and food, we need love, and connection, and the ability to be aware of, and communicate our feelings. And, I’ve recently learned, we need space. Space meaning literally space in between us and our families, jobs, communities, perspectives, environments.

When you are surrounded by the same, you become it.

When you keep yourself tucked into all the kids and the friends and the things to do, you lose the ability to grow.

Yes, growth requires space. A healthy level of disconnectedness allows you to observe and connect with yourself in a more ‘real-time,’ authentic way.
For those of us without yogic superpowers, space requires time, so personal growth requires time.

So today, I honor myself with the fertile ground to grow and blossom: space. I resolve to create time/space for myself to just be away from it all, every week, for 5 hours.

Wow, that was really powerful to write out (Try it. I dare you).

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