How To Use Face Herbs

This herbal mix is a real beauty. Based in chick pea flour (absorbs excess oil and exfoliates),  from the ayurvedic traditional practice of udvartana, this herbal mix can be used as a face scrub or mask. I use rose petals, bringraj, slippery elm, and a few other seasonally appropriate herbs that are rejuvenatives for the skin tissue.

super oily: add water and a bit of a gentle soap for more of a scrubby face wash feeldry: mix in honey for a moisturizing face mask; rinse before gets dryinflamed: mix in yogurt or cream for a soothing calming mask for inflamed or irritated skin; rinse before gets dry and don’t exfoliate to avoid irritation. mixed: try all the versions above and feel the effects.

I use this daily with water in the shower as my daily face cleaner.



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