Why waking up is tough in Winter



Why is it so hard to wake up in the mornings these days?

  1. Because you’re going to bed too late.
  2. Because it’s dark in the morning.

The first reason, well, we can all work on that. Here’s an article on tricks for better sleep (and insomnia is a common sign of vata imbalance).

The second reveals a deeper phenomenon–our connection to the planets.

Our bodies are hard-wired to function based on the signals in nature. It’s naturally easier to wake up and be functional (activating pitta energy) when the sun is up. It’s instinctive to want to stay snuggled in bed when it’s a damp cloudy day. We should be starting to wind down our energy when the sun sets; it makes sense that our digestive capacity rises and falls with the sun.

On full and new moons, we go through certain emotional cycles (the moon is deeply connected to our limbic system in the brainstem which plays a core role in emotional responses) Because females embody more kapha energy by virtue of the qualities of our reproductive system, we feel this effect more deeply (it’s a water or yin based concept).

Lately, we’ve even, as a culture, become more aware of the effects of mercury on communication and interaction.

There’s a reason that all ancient cultures charted time based on the planets, and had specific practices based on what was happening with the planets. 
There’s a reason astrologers were consulted for all decision making. 
There’s a divine mathematical system of energetic patterns and probability, of the effects the planets have on the energetics of our lives
We can override these signals, but our tissues do go through the effects of imbalances created by not being in tune with the rhythms of nature. Our emotional patterns mirror what is happening on a cellular level, and those in turn are echoed in our experience of life.

It’s dark for a greater part of the day, because we are meant to rest for a greater part of the day. Increasing stillness and being more home-bound grounds us and balances the high vata during this season of vata.

So one great gift you can give yourself is to slow down. Now, it’s time to set the intention for this winter. Make decisions that reduce movement and increase intimacy/ depth of relationships. Family time, baking, crafting, socializing at home, traveling less are all a great fit for vata balancing.

Finding my perfect form of life-sustaining hibernation, Siva

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