Poop Reading 101

Optimal bowel movements

  • every morning upon rising
  • not needing caffeine to happen
  • easy to pass
  • feels complete (and satisfying!)
  • well formed log that is so long it curves
  • no blood or mucus or flurries
  • floats (bonus points)

Signs of Vata Imbalance

  • dry or hard
  • not pooping everyday or at all different times (no rhythm)
  • look more like little pebbles instead of a log
  • straining to get it out
  • feels incomplete
  • gas, bloating

Signs of Pitta Imbalance

  • loose or watery
  • more than 2 times a day
  • burns when it comes out
  • long skinny poops indicate inflammation in colon
  • red/ green/ yellow in color

Signs of Kapha Imbalance

  • smells like it has been sitting in the colon for a while
  • comes mostly after eating
  • mucous in stool (globs or stringy)

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