Practicing Abundance

A lot of abundance manifesting programs and coaches use an-attitude-of-gratitude as a tool. It makes sense. Gratitude is an emotion that is very similar to that of feeling abundant.

When you don’t know how to feel abundant, gratitude is a great gateway feeling to learn how. Let’s face it, it’s only when we don’t feel abundant that we are seeking to.

However, no approach is going to allow you to feel abundant more so than actually practicing feeling abundant, and there are many ways to practice.

In this video, I share a perspective that is one of my most powerful ways of feeling, and thus attracting, people-experiences-situations that allow me to feel abundant:

“I am free and able to give myself what I need.”

(Click on video below)


A kind of abundance we don’t think of .

We get to choose our perspectives.

Think about that. That’s huge.

We don’t have to carry on the perspectives of our parents, our culture, our generation, our media, our experts, or anyone. Even though we often do. (Here’s your reminder to maybe not today :))

Being able to choose what perspective I have in a situation allows me to choose one in which I frame the situation. It defines which lens I look at my life experience through. This determines whether I feel empowered, or victimized.

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