Relativity of time

I once heard that as you age time goes by faster because you are relatively older. In other words, because you are made up of more minutes, one minute seems smaller and smaller.

It’s funny but I do remember staring at the clock as a kid feeling like 5 minutes was oh so long; and now I stare at the clock in astonishment, wondering where the day went.

One of the great things about January is the psychologically fresh feeling of a new year.  These days, I’m still using the excitement of the new year to propel so many backlogged projects. As I race through my task list, and fly through my day, sometimes I forget to just breathe.

I check my goal-oriented Pitta, and stare at the clock while I just breathe, and magically once again the clock seems slow. (Aha! yogi’s know that pranayam makes you younger…)

You can do it too. Just stop (what you are doing). Drop (the thoughts). and Breathe.

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