Why Setting Intentions is Like an Orgasm



My sense is that most people that would be reading this already know why setting intentions is important, or good, or something they feel like they should do.

So, let’s move beyond that.

Why do I do this, really?

Because it feels good.

Like a ‘feel-good in your soul’ good?

Well, yes, but not until later. That kind of good happens when your intention is fulfilled.

This kind of good is like a slowly swelling and succumbing to the inevitable, in an opening, ripening, accepting kind of way; it’s like the orgasm you have when you are truly making love to your experience in life.

Yes, I said it: orgasm.

 The process of setting intentions is like a playful suggestion to engage;
A ballooning attractive force; 
effort followed by effortlessness; 
an opening of channels; 
a moment of sheer, dewy bliss.

Playful suggestion to engage

Hey life, let’s play. I want to see what experiences I can consciously manifest in this lifetime: a happy marriage, great impact on others’ lives, being adored, feeling plugged into my spiritual growth. What experiences do you wish to have in this lifetime? These are your intentions.

This is not about “I want a boat,” as much as it is about “I’m consciously attracting the feeling of freedom and sexiness I have when I’m yachting.”  And I’m cool with however this goes down, whether that’s a yacht, or a new romance; however the Universe feels is best for me to feel free and sexy.

Once you set an intention, you have nothing to lose; there is only getting to closer to your intention that can happen from here. Its like flirting with someone you know can’t say no. You can feel confident and powerful with the knowledge that you have only gains ahead of you.

Okay, yes, we can always reframe life to be a stream of gains. But this is not reframing. This is real-life phenomenon of the law of attraction.

 Ballooning attractive force

As soon as the attraction has been voiced, acknowledged, it snowballs. Like ill-fated lovers in a Bollywood drama, the lovers’ subconscious and emotional drives overpower the rational mind.

Once you get excited about your intentioned experience, and own it, it becomes more real. You develop feelings for it, feelings more complex than longing. And voila, you are attracting every time the intention crosses your mind, or your lips. The subconscious and feeling matrix is where the law of attraction happens.

We attract external realities that mirror our internal energetics. Most of us have some work to do to clean up our internal sense of integrity: how well we show up for our desired experiences.

An effort followed by effortlessness

Do my thoughts match my words and my actions? Probably not, if you are human. But, this is something that is achievable, or at least we can shift this in a big way.  Practice, practice, practice and it becomes easier and more natural. You head towards your most authentic and intimate self, and its effortless to just be.

The more my intentions line up with my words and actions (congruency), the more closely I unite my internal and external realities.

My intentions are nurtured and well oxygenated: supple and flushed.

I become a clear channel, and this clarity synergizes the attractive force of my thoughts, words and actions.

 Opening of channels

There’s a moment when you get a clear sense you’re going to orgasm, the “I’m close”—that’s the feeling of congruency.

You are so open, you pick up the subtle magical signs of how the Universe is gently guiding you to your intended experience. And it puts you in a crescendo of gratitude-coated anticipation.

 A moment of sheer, dewy bliss

Then, when your desired experience easily lands in your lap, you feel so well taken care of by the Universe. So safe. You were vulnerable to dare to intend and open, and to love (your experience of life), and it turned out well. You trust more in the greater energetic principles of the Universe. Most importantly, you trust.  This is what faith is made of.

The world is beautiful and you are inspired. You feel your needs are met, and you embody ‘loved, deserving, complete.’

Creative energy released, co-creating your realities.

Just as healthy sexuality supports fertility in the physical body, regular intentioning maintains healthy manifestational potency in the subtle energetic body.

Regardless of what you intend, the process of manifesting intentions is the climax, in and of itself. It builds faith (connection to deep sense of wellbeing), grows integrity (self love), it helps you believe in your own divine nature.

That’s why I set intention (and hope that you do).

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