Caretakers get sick too

So “Miss sending-out-newsletters-on-how-not-to-get-sick got sick.” It’s been years since I was this affected. I was embarrassed…how did this happen? I tried to identify the things in my life that participated in the inoculation process.

And then I was reminded that I’m human. And we humans love to let our minds make the decisions instead of our whole beings.

I had definitely slipped into old patterns of not taking care of my self and doing things my mind felt I ought to, instead of listening to that beautiful wisdom that resides within each of us.

In ayurveda, not listening to our inner voice (forgetting our true nature as spirit )is actually a cause of disease. (Learn more about Causes of disease in ayurveda)

As we embark on the holiday roller-coaster, it is a great time to take a quick inventory of your plans for the rest of the year, your commitments–how do you feel about them?

If it isn’t feeling joyous, maybe you take a first giant step in letting the feeling guide your decision making process (instead of the mind and the obligation). I’m still learning to do this myself, but oooh does it feel good from the inside-out!

Ultimately, isn’t everything we do to feel good in that way?

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