Vata Season (winter)

We are in the season of wind (vata), which brings us transition and movement. For most of us, it is a time when we are caught up in the whirlwind of life and are perhaps feeling a bit overwhelmed. Anxiety is common this time of year, as is difficulty concentrating, restlessness and insomnia (other signs of vata imbalance).

  • Be careful this season with allowing the wind to blow you towards extremes–try to find the middle-ground.
  • Root yourself, by enjoying the grounding rain (a welcome bump of kapha), doing less, and routine, routine, routine!
  • Enjoying the warming, grounding foods of this season is another way to calm vata. Spicing up your cooking, eating warm stews, and avoiding cold and dry foods helps as well.
  • If you are starting to crave sweets this season, take a look at how you may feel depleted and where you could use more love in your life.

This is also a season where creativity abounds and you can envision how you would like to make changes in your life. Just envision for now, allow yourself to enjoy the holidays and just become aware of obstacles to those changes. Then, you can prepare to make those changes with the stability of kapha season and the momentum of the New Year supporting you.

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