Psychospiritual Practices from Dis-ease

As a practitioner, my particular penchant is for examining the psychospiritual basis of dis-ease patterns. You may wonder at this point, “What does that mean?” Allow me to break it down…

For all those in vata imbalance: 

Restless spirit
winding path
more fast

All those with superflous kapha: Just come by,  and we’ll sit on the plush sofa with a cup of chai and I’ll tell you about it.

For all my peops who are in pitta excess: There are layers to each energetic being. You are an energetic being. Just as each molecule can be unique in it’s specific configuration, and with distinct energetic properties in it’s various layers (remember nucleus, energetic shells and valence charges?), so can we. In ayurveda, dis-ease processes begin in the subtle energetic bodies, and then progress to the lymbic-endocrine system (emotional bodies). If still imbalanced, the progression of the imbalance will progress into the body, beginning with superficial tissues.

Given the above understanding of pathogenesis, ayurveda views health as wellness in physical, emotional, and subtle energetic bodies.

It’s easy to understand the function of herbs and foods and physical effects of the ayurvedic body therapies. After practicing with these tools for the physical body for some time, the emotional body starts to show signs of wellness. This is the opportune time to bring in tools to address the lymbic-endorine systems–pranayam, yoga, meditation, mantra, vaastu. At this point, a majority  of your decisions on the physical plane are already balancing, for you. Joy becomes a common state of being. You are making decisions based on the energetic effect on you.

Psycho-spiritual practices are those that bridge the psyche (emotional body + mind) and the spirit (subtle energetic bodies). In other words, feeling or intuiting your decisions. AKA, conscious living. Or perhaps best stated as, attending to spiritual growth as the core practice in the way you live. Your decisions are less focused on the details of anything, and are more centered on the experience you wish to attract.

Now, you are consciously co-creating. Our greatest work at this point, is seeking alignment/congruency with our life choices. This means weeding out internal conflict. You want to feel un-conflicted about the way you are choosing to experience your relationships, finances, health, etc.

One of the most common internal conflicts which pervades several facets of life, is not being in touch with our dharma, or sense of life purpose. When we are connected to our dharma, we have a “home base” for the rest of our life choices. It’s like having a guidepost and a mission all in one.

Conclusion: Connecting to your life purpose is a powerful tool to bring greater wellness to your subtle and emotional bodies. This, in turn, has a great preventative and curative effect in the physical body.



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