Fulfilling Intentions

There is a rhythm I really don’t hear anyone talking about, that has become one of the most important rhythms of my life: the slow steady baseline of fulfilling intentions.

How is your rhythm {first name} –what is the feel of the pattern that ensues after you set an intention?

Mine used to feel like: intention born–>great enthusiasm and motivation and action–>start to manifest many options–>become overwhelmed and indecisive; start to burn out; feel irritable (vata and pitta imbalance)–>abandon ship–>intention left unfulfilled; I judge myself for it. I experience regret (secondary kapha joins the imbalance party in my mind).

If I described the above pattern as a rhythm, it had a quick crescendo, staccato and asymmetric decrescendo, followed by a quick intense shift in the beat, and then a low heaviness. Hopefully, you get the idea.

That rhythm did not feel good. We make poor, impulsive and often self destructive choices when we are vata imbalanced and overwhelmed. I would speak and act in ways that did not match my original intention. That would then slow the momentum of me manifesting that intention.

With the intention unfulfilled, I built the equivalent of ama (toxic buildup from partially digested food) in my emotional body (toxic buildup from partially digested intentions), aka emotional baggage.

Now, my rhythm is still not steady, I continue to have periods of indecision and overwhelm. However, it’s a lot more steady than before, and I really don’t have self judgement and regret anymore (yes, guilt is gone folks!).  I fulfil a greater percentage of my intentions, and feel less burdened. I’ve learned what it feels like to show up solidly for an intention and manifest quickly, which I can contrast to my previous pattern.

It feels so much better to show up for my intentions than it does to put it off, that I prioritize the intentions more and more. I’m not doing it because I think I should.

Simply taking the time to build awareness of what your rhythm of fulfilling intention looks like is a powerful first step. The awareness may organically blossom into a shift in decision making.

A second step is to make a list of all of your current unfulfilled intentions. Pick the 3 that will make you feel the best if they were accomplished and focus on those 3 for the next 3 moon cycles (start after the next new moon).

Happy self-discovery, Siva

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