Moon Sadhana Rituals

The Moon’s control over your mind (and emotions, and hormonal cycles)

Ever feel erratic and disconnected? Yeah, me too. Thankfully, less frequently and less intensely than in the past, due to my chandra sadhana (moon rituals and healing practices).

What does the moon have to do with feelings? Well, everything.

Just as the moon puppeteers the ebbs and flows of the oceans, it has the same command over our most primal emotional states. More specifically, the activity in the limbic system of the brain is modulated by moon phases. This part of you houses memory, and control centers for emotions, instinct, and all glandular rhythms, and is often called the primal, or lower brain.

We all have days that we feel a lower threshold to stress, and days where we feel naturally more ebullient. As I began to explore that, and chart my emotional patterns, I could see clear correlations with my rhythms of self care, with my reproductive cycle, and with the moon phases. All three interact and predict my state of mind with consistent and reproducible results.

Ayurveda acknowledges (and outlines)  the impact on our wellbeing of rhythms of self care, hormonal cycles, and moon cycles. There are infinite ways to connect with the moon, and strengthen your own awareness and relationship to your emotional wellbeing. The practices span centuries, and cultures. All ancient cultures honored the moon, and her role in the fertility of plants, women, and emotional wellbeing.

The potential healing benefits of chandra sadhana include knowing when to bring in greater support, when to set intentions, when to release, and manifesting with greater ease. It increases our connection to nature, to self, and fortifies healthy hormonal cycles and circadian rhythms.

Good Mooning to you,



Full Moon energies

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